AIR+ Active Mask System

Fresh Air Revolution and Superior Protection with Every Breath

The Active Mask with Active Ventilator innovates an all-new ground-breaking experience in breathing comfort, designed for professional users. It combines our superior respirator mask with the powered Active Ventilator for effortless exhalation and long-lasting dry comfort through your work cycle. The Active Mask with Active Ventilator is internationally certified by NIOSH, CE and ASNZ for professional use.

The Science of the Most Breathable Mask System

From its scientifically engineered components, to mask structure, and revolutionary attachable ventilator, every element matters when it comes to your breathing comfort.

All-day Comfort with Superior Fit

The Active Mask is engineered end-to-end to deliver certified protection with optimum exhalation relief for extended wear. With its wrap-around form factor designed for comfort, optimal facial seal and almost negligible inward leakage, you’ll benefit from superior protection and comfort with every breath.

Powered Ventilation for Breathability

The world’s first attachable ventilator that is paired with a protective mask, the revolutionary AIR+ Active Ventilator delivers a fresh air revolution for a powerful new way to work. It breathes out with you, rapidly extracting exhaled air that is laden with heat, moisture and carbon dioxide with powered ventilation.

Certified Protection

The AIR+ Active Mask and Active Ventilator certified for professional use by NIOSH, CE and ASNZ. It is an approved respirator for professional use in industrial and healthcare setting and available in various levels of filtration efficiency.

Certification Standards

Certification Standards

NIOSH Certified CE Certified ASNZ Certified

Mask Model No.

M Size: AP521VM
L Size: AP521VL

M Size: AP921VM
L Size: AP921V

M Size: A+211VM

L Size: A+221VL

L Size: A+231VL

M Size: A+211VM
L Size: A+221VL

Active Ventilator Model No.


Product Specifications


Recommended Use

Healthcare, Construction, General Manufacturing, Transportation.

Size Guide

(Measure from your chin to eye level for closest size)

M Size: Less than 118mm

L Size: 119mm and above

One size


  • Active Valve for exhalation relief.
  • Ergonomic facial seal and adjustable head straps for flexible and better fit.
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic, tested by Master Laboratory in compliance with ISO 10993-10.

Powered ventilation expels trapped exhalation, enabling more fresh air circulation.


Compatible with Active Ventilator


Compatible with Active Masks of all sizes.

Duration of Use

For single use only. Up to 8 hours continuously, or until filter medium becomes difficult to breathe through.

4 hours running time per charge. Recharges in 1.5 hours via USB.

Able to charge partially during breaks, just like your mobile phone.


Available in 10-piece pack.

Available in 1-piece pack.