AIR+ Protect Mask

Certified Protection, Superior Comfort Fit

With the AIR+ Protect Mask, protection no longer comes at the expense of comfort. Engineered for a comfort fit with its plush nose cushions, wrap-around form factor and adjustable head straps, the Protect Mask delivers certified protection with long-lasting comfort every day. The Protect Mask is internationally certified by NIOSH and CE for professional use.

Everyday Protection with Superior Fit

Certified Protection

The AIR+ Protect Mask is internationally certified under NIOSH and CE standards. Manufactured in Singapore under stringent ISO 9001:2015 standards, our production premises are also audited by US NIOSH and European CE in accordance to Respiratory Protective Devices certification requirements. AIR+ is a licensed manufacturer registered with Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA).

Certification Standards

Certification Standards

NIOSH Certified CE Certified

Mask Model No.

M Size: AP520M
L Size: AP520L

M Size: A+220M
L Size: A+220L

Product Specifications

Recommended Use Healthcare, Construction, General Manufacturing, Transportation.

Size Guide

(Measure from your chin to eye level for closest size)

M Size: Less than 118mm

L Size: 119mm and above

  • Ergonomic facial seal and adjustable head straps for flexible and better fit.
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic, tested by Master Laboratory in compliance with ISO 10993-10.
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

>99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
Tested by Nelson Labs following ASTM F2101-19

Viral Filtration Efficiency

>99% Viral Filtration Efficiency
Tested by Nelson Labs following ASTM F2101-07

Duration of use For single use only. Up to 8 hours continuously, or until filter medium becomes difficult to breathe through.
Quantity Available in 20-piece pack.