AIR+ ProtectPro Mask

2X More Breathable with Advanced Micro-pleated Filter

Designed for breathability, the AIR+ ProtectPro Mask with its micro-pleated structure delivers 2X more breathable comfort than industry-standard mask. Engineered for superior protection while being lightweight and permeable to fresh air, you can now breathe easier as you work. The ProtectPro Mask is internationally certified by CE for professional use.

Everyday Protection with Advanced Breathability


Micro-pleated mask filter

With 70% more filter surface area, the revolutionary micro-pleated filter is supremely breathable with an ultra-low breathing resistance, making it up to 2X more breathable than industry-standard mask filter materials.

Maximised surface area, maximised comfort

The micro-pleated filter features a patented omega-structure, which increases effective air filtration area. It enables fresh air to pass through more easily while effectively trapping airborne dust, bacteria and viruses.

Certified Protection

The AIR+ ProtectPro Mask is certified under European CE standards. It is an approved respirator for professional use in industrial and healthcare setting and available in various levels of filtration efficiency.

Certification Standards

Certification Standards

CE Certified

Mask Model No.

M Size: A++223M
L Size: A++223L

L Size: A++233L

Product Specifications

Recommended Use Healthcare, Construction, General Manufacturing, Transportation.

Size Guide

(Measure from your chin to eye level for closest size)

M Size: Less than 118mm

L Size: 119mm and above

  • Ergonomic facial seal and adjustable head straps for flexible and better fit.
  • Comfortable to wear and made from latex-free materials.
Duration of use For single use only. Up to 8 hours continuously, or until filter medium becomes difficult to breathe through.
Quantity Available in 5-piece pack.